The Power of School-Based Influencer Marketing

When you think about Influencer Marketing, you might picture Instagram models, of-the-moment celebrities, and pop-culture personalities endorsing products, or making cash from promoting an imaginary lifestyle. Word-of-mouth marketing is only as trustworthy as the source. That doesn’t mean that financial institutions and organizations can’t use influencer marketing to their advantage. NTC has pioneered the use of community outreach educational programming in K-12 schools as influencer marketing campaigns and we can help you get results.

Since 1978, NTC has worked with banks, credit unions and government agencies of all sizes to create in-school programming that makes a big impact. We create customized outreach and marketing campaigns that educate K-12 students and their parents on smart money management and planning for a fiscally-secure future. We believe that the best way to reach parents is through the powerful influence of their children. NTC educates at the school level in order to influence at the household level. To learn more, visit our website or contact us at [email protected].

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