The Safety Circus, Louie the Lightning Bug Coming to Various Schools in Greater Tulsa

Louie the Lightning Bug

Step right up, folks, it’s the one and only, ultimate safety extravaganza and it’s coming soon to elementary schools, in greater Tulsa.

The Safety Circus, featuring Louie the Lightning Bug, will be presenting its safety show to hundreds of elementary school students across the Tulsa metro and surrounding communities. Nearly 50 Safety Circus presentations are on the schedule between Jan. 27 and Feb. 14.

Louie will be accompanied on the tour by his friends from the National Theatre for Children, which has nearly 40 years of experience delivering award-winning educational programs to students across the globe.

The Safety Circus teaches children how to use electricity safely, as well as how to identify and avoid possible safety hazards.

“The content of this program is essential to safety education,” said Whitney Emerick, PSO communications director. “This interactive show gives kids information in a way they will remember, and its practical use could actually save their life.”

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