“How Kids Change the World,” Episode 1 – An Inspiring NTC Video Series

All over the world, kids are embracing their role as future leaders and making a difference in their communities. NTC is highlighting the inspiring work they’re doing in a new video series called “How Kids Change the World.”

In the first episode, we introduce you to Ryan Hickman, a 10-year-old recycling hero in San Juan Capistrano, California. Ryan first visited the RePlanet Recycling Center with his dad when he was three years old. The very next day, he declared he was starting his own recycling company.

Since it was founded in 2012, Ryan’s Recycling Company has properly diverted over 750,000 recyclables – that’s 110,000 pounds!

Watch the video above to learn about Ryan’s story and his inspiring quest to save the planet one recyclable at a time. You can also help Ryan’s cause by visiting https://ryansrecycling.com/ or texting FIX IT to 40649.

Whether it’s energy efficiency, civic engagement, financial literacy, STEM innovation or other fields, kids everywhere are making a positive difference in the world. If we all follow their lead, we can ensure that we make the planet a better place for their generation and others in the future.

This is the first of six episodes of “How Kids Change the World” to be released throughout 2020. Check back for the premiere of the second episode on March 10, and stay tuned for more inspiring stories of young people bringing hope to their communities.

NTC is dedicated to teaching kids valuable life skills and inspiring them to make a difference. To learn how we can help your organization reach young people in your community, email [email protected].