NTC’s Bright and Humorous E-books Take Your Customers on a Journey

NTC’s library of colorful, creative educational e-books can help your organization form lasting connections to your community.

Your organization wants to connect to its community through inspiring public outreach programs. What does it do? It has many options:

  • Send employees to schools or community events. This can make for a memorable experience, but is very inefficient with limited reach.
  • Include tips and information in bills or email campaigns. These can be sent out at a large scale, but often end up ignored or in the trash.
  • Print and distribute pamphlets, brochures, posters and other materials to educate the public. But even the most well-designed print materials can get overlooked in the digital age.

NTC has a better idea: develop digital games and activities that use humor, creativity and storytelling to engage elementary school students and their parents. Our series of educational e-books are a perfect example. Covering subjects that include energy efficiency, electrical safety, STEM learning, financial literacy, natural gas and water conservation, our hilarious, eye-popping e-books educate and inspire communities on behalf of organizations nationwide.

For more information about NTC’s in-school educational programs, call us at 763-452-1100 or email us at [email protected].