Why Educational Digital Games Are a Breakthrough in 21st-Century Learning

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Read our Professional Educators Network survey to find out why digital games have revolutionized classroom learning – and what that means for your organization.

For decades, studies have claimed that the use of educational digital games is revolutionizing classroom learning. Not only do they engage students emotionally and creatively, getting them excited about potentially difficult subject matter; they also appeal to a wide variety of learning types, ensuring that all students are engaged at the same time. Maybe most importantly, they focus on the “Four C’s of 21st-Century Learning”: Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity.

But we at NTC wanted to find out for ourselves if this was true. So we surveyed our Professional Educators Network (PEN) – a community of almost 7,000 educators nationwide – to get their firsthand opinions. Some of the main takeaways include:

  • Educational digital games are being embraced by teachers everywhere, and will continue to be used more prevalently
  • Digital games provide numerous, long-lasting benefits for students among various grades, subjects and skill levels
  • The ways in which educators acquire digital games can fluctuate and frequently depend on sources outside of schools to provide them

Read on to discover more insights about the use of educational digital games in K-12 schools and find out how sponsoring games in the classroom can establish a positive, long-term presence for your organization among students and educators. It could work wonders for the impact and visibility of your community outreach efforts.

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