Emergency Preparedness Programming

NTC implements emergency preparedness outreach programs for insurance companies, government agencies, first-response organizations and corporations. We believe that the most effective community outreach efforts make an emotional connection with customers, employees and key stakeholders.

We deliver age-specific programs that align with lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school and high school educational standards. In this way, we deliver important messaging on behalf of our clients that prepares students and their families when disaster strikes.

Our flagship emergency preparedness program, Ready or Not, is designed for K-5 (6) grade students and their parents in any region of the United States. It focuses on emergency preparedness in the home and at school. Using the 21st century learning concepts—collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity—it teaches the following educational points:

  • The difference between a disaster, emergency and hazard
  • What a family communication plan is
  • How to create an emergency plan
  • Who to seek for help in an emergency

Check out our interview with Doug Hilderbrand, a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Lead from the National Weather Service.

weather Ready Nation Ambassador

The Ready or Not in-school program is part of the NOAA – Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador program

Communication Platforms

Live in-school events

Live In-school Events

Ready or Not delivers our clients’ messaging through live, interactive theatre, reaching every student and teacher in the school. These events engage audiences on an emotional level, creating a meaningful experience around emergency preparedness. Watch a live performance of Ready or Not!

Print Materials

Livestream Events

NTC livestream events deliver important client messaging that reaches every student as an effective tool for e-learning. The livestream is experienced in the classroom or home with the use of a computer, tablet, interactive whiteboard and/or mobile device. These educational virtual assemblies integrate seamlessly with our clients’ marketing, CSR, PR and community outreach initiatives. See how an NTC livestream event works.

Print Materials

Print Materials

NTC’s client-branded, customizable print materials include: the Family Preparedness Guide, a student/parent/teacher handbook that includes an emergency kit checklist, family evacuation plan, family communication plan and other important information; and a dynamic infographic poster with high visibility throughout schools. We’re also excited to introduce our Ready or Not emergency preparedness graphic novel series. These exciting stories, combined with eye-popping artwork, explore the preparation necessary for earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires in five client-branded editions.

Web Development

Web Development

NTC’s web design services create interactive experiences that matter. Custom micro-websites become a valuable extension of our programs, impacting customers at home and at school. Through a responsive web design approach, we develop assets including customized games, instructional videos for educators, e-books for families to enjoy together and other project-based activities. Learn more about our web development services here.

Gamification Strategies


NTC’s games turn educational concepts into fun and exciting challenges for K-12 students and their parents. Our client-branded games incorporate age-specific learning standards, boosting engagement and supercharging behavior change. Ready or Not includes our newest interactive, collaborative puzzle-based classroom game, Power Play—click to find out more!

Emergency Preparedness Kit Campaigns

NTC’s in-school programs are an effective way to deliver emergency preparedness kits to households in your area. With Ready or Not, students are first engaged through an exciting educational theatre performance. The students’ enthusiasm carries over to the home, resulting in opt-in kit requests by their parents.

emergency preparedness kit

Your organization can offer the NOAA weather radio/flashlight as a stand-alone item, or combine with the full Red Cross Emergency Pack, which includes:

  • Emergency drinking water pouch
  • Emergency blanket
  • Light stick
  • N95 particulate face mask
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Mini first-aid kid with assorted bandages and antiseptics
  • Emergency kit customization brochure
  • Much more!

Learn more about our Ready or Not emergency preparedness kits.

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