NTC is an educational content provider that specializes in delivering our client’s messaging via unique multiplatform techniques (or methods) – including interactive all-school assemblies – that teach important societal issues to 6-18-year-old students, their parents and educators.

"The program was presented yesterday to students in grades K-5. When it first started, I was worried that our older elementary students would be ‘too cool’ for the program. I was very wrong. Everyone loved it! As my older students left, they were talking amongst themselves and to the actors about how great it was. As a parent, my kindergarten daughter was able to tell me everything that she learned this morning on the way to school. She went on and on about it without me even asking her! That says a lot about the quality of the program."

Jennifer Lance, Principal, McLeod Elementary School, McLeod, TX
As a premium provider of K-12 educational content, NTC’s pricing includes every aspect needed to implement a wide-ranging program from inception to delivery to reporting. In other words, we provide a completely turnkey experience for our clients. Organizations can start working with NTC for as little as $5k per year depending on execution requirements.

"Live theater is a really dynamic way to teach students, especially when you combine it with curriculum activities, in-class discussion and homework assignments that engage parents. We’ve been working with NTC for over 20 years to deliver our electrical safety and energy messages into the schools. It’s been a great partnership and an effective way of reaching students."

Peggy Hanson, Director of the Minnesota Power Foundation, Minnesota Power
With offices in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, NTC is an international company with the ability to deliver consistency at scale. We deliver programs by city, by state, by region, nationally and internationally.

"This was an amazing experience! I am very grateful for this opportunity for our students. We serve a high poverty, high trauma population and as an urban school, have few financial resources. To have such a quality program for no cost was a true gift. The stage show exceeded all expectations. The actors were professional, dynamic and so kind to the students. We are very hopeful that we will be able to benefit from this program again! Thank you!"

Caitlin Gaffny, 4th grade teacher, Maurice J. Tobin K-8 School, Roxbury, MA
NTC has more than 40 years of experience marketing K-12 educational programs to schools and actively supporting schools in communicating to parents, teachers, and students through social media and traditional media channels about our clients’ efforts. We align all of our programs with state and national educational standards for each grade level, ensuring that the materials we provide will be a worthwhile use of educators’ valuable class time.

"We get such great response from everyone who sees a performance – teachers, students, bank employees. We’ve even had customers walk into a local branch and thank us for bringing the program into their schools! There’s a tremendous level of appreciation, especially in smaller communities that typically have fewer options for this kind of programming. I’m proud that Bank of the West has made a financial commitment to take Mad About Money into the schools. While it’s certainly done a lot to create a positive image for the bank, I’m proudest of the positive impact that the program has had on our students."

Christine Hensley, VP of Community and Government Affairs, Bank of the West
Simply put, as little or as much as you want. We pride ourselves on delivering a turnkey experience: after confirming the messages you want to deliver to schools, students and parents in your community, we develop all educational materials, schedule all schools, prepare all press releases and other media outreach, and deliver a final ROI report.

"I find all of the material easy to follow and the charts, graphs and comments in the final report clearly articulate the impact this show has had with the students and teachers in our service territory. Not only do I have the material I need to meet with my leadership, but also am now prepared to meet with the department that funds the program and is responsible to report our outcomes to the PSC. While the show is a small part of the work that FPL does to educate customers about energy conservation, it is one that is highly visible and we appreciate the partnership with NTC. The show is now the easiest part of what I manage, and this allows me to focus on new programs and issues in education."

Maureen Wilt, Education Program Manager, Florida Power and Light Company (FPL)
Theatre maximizes student learning and retention by addressing a variety of learning styles. Educators recognize this fact, and as a result, NTC guarantees entry into schools with your program, or you don’t pay. NTC has unparalleled access to more than 50 million K-12 students in 110,000 schools nationwide.

"The details of the performance were an eye opener for the food industry and other school districts that are addressing these issues. Theatre is extraordinarily effective and FMI attendees see the positive impact on reputation for sponsors teaching students about nutrition, messages that are delivered right in their school."

Joan Nachmani, Director of School District of Philadelphia, EAT.RIGHT.NOW. Program
NTC measures every program using six metrics: educational value, consistency at scale, actual usage, cost per student, parent activation and PR value. Those metrics are used to build an ROI report for all of our clients’ programs.

"I have seen this production many times and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the show. The children were engaged and entertained from the start. The message about water conservation gave children knowledge about how they too can help save water. You could tell the performers enjoyed getting the message out in a fun way for the children. A special thanks to the two actors who came out after the show to talk with the kindergarten children as they were the last to leave the assembly."

Theresa Emborski, Teacher, Thoroughgood Elementary School, Virginia Beach, VA
Real-time evaluations from educators who receive an NTC program allow us to track instantaneous feedback about each part of our program. In addition to real-time evaluation, we measure quality through pre- and post-test data conducted by independent third parties that measure learning and behavior change.

"I believe that the sponsorship of NTC performances is a valuable investment that our member utilities can make on behalf of their local schools. I always share the educator feedback you provide with the sponsoring utility so that they can see how well the program is received in their schools. This explanation you’ve provided with metrics will add to that and demonstrate the value of continued participation."

Beth Carlson, Manager of Mass Market Programs, WPPI Energy