NTC Financial Program Deliverables

Since 1978, NTC has delivered educational based in behavior change science on behalf of a variety of financial clients. Banks, credit unions and government agencies have utilized our unique approach to community outreach, corporate social responsibility and marketing efforts. Our program deliverables, executed through five communication platforms, provide one-of-a-kind experiences throughout the communities our clients serve.

Educator Preview Video

Educator Video

By providing educators with the tools they need to teach financial literacy and money matters, you supercharge your educational outreach. Our Educator Preview video is one of a trio of instructional pieces that lays out, in detail, a step-by-step tutorial on getting the best results from a financial education program. And when teachers get the best results, you get the best results.

Communication Platforms

Live in-school events

Live In-school Events

NTC’s educational, all-school assemblies deliver our sponsors’ important messaging through live, interactive theatre, reaching every student and teacher in each school. These live theatrical assemblies are performed by two professional actors and include content that aligns with national education standards for science, math and English language arts.

Print Materials

Print Materials

NTC’s sponsor-branded print materials are delivered to schools two weeks prior to the live performance. Each student receives a playbook with activities, homework assignments and project-based lessons. The accompanying teacher guide, with detailed program instructions and information, goes out to each educator. Infographic posters are also included. For older students, graphic novels with exciting storylines and eye-popping artwork are available. These comic book-style pieces are a thrilling way for students to dive deep into important information.

Video Production

Video Production

NTC’s videos have won multiple Telly Awards and are typically used for classroom instruction or professional development. Customized video pieces for sponsors include how-to videos, animated videos, installation videos for efficiency kit components and segments produced for use by volunteers in the classroom. We have also made the leap from theatre to television production through our nationally syndicated TV show, M@dAbout.

Web Development

Web Development

NTC designs custom micro-websites that become an educational extension of our programs, impacting students and educators in schools as well as our sponsors’ residential customers at home. We also develop assets that include customized games, classroom lessons, videos, animation and project-based activities and experiments.

Gamification Strategies


An important part of NTC’s ever-evolving curriculum is gamification. Our digital games turn educational concepts into fun and exciting challenges and can be used both in the classroom and at home. Our sponsor-branded games are created through responsive web design with articulated age-focused content.

NTC’s Financial Program Examples

View in-depth descriptions of financial programs and deliverables at the elementary or middle school level.