Watch Kids React to NTC’s Educational Graphic Novels

Here at NTC, we think that graphic novels are a pretty cool way to reach students with important information that they might not otherwise learn in the classroom. At a recent industry conference, an attendee flipped through a couple of our graphic novels while sipping a drink from the open bar, and offered this observation:

These are really cool. We do educational stuff at my company, but our stuff looks so… ‘80s.

– Random Attendee
Random Industry Conference

Even though NTC has been around since before the 1980s, we continually evolve and explore new ways of engaging K-12 students and their parents through educational programming. Our clients rely on us to present innovative solutions to their marketing, PR and customer engagement needs. We implement programs on behalf of major companies across the United States and internationally through our offices in Australia. We believe that engaging kids on an emotional level causes a reaction. That reaction results in long-term retention of information and an opportunity to affect behavior change by presenting healthy and responsible behaviors and habits as the norm. Through this method, it is possible to influence students in positive ways, and cause them to carry our clients’ messaging home to their parents.

NTC’s graphic novel series is an effective way to provide students with valuable knowledge and reach your customers (and potential customers) as well. Our current series covers energy efficiency, financial literacy, water conservation, electrical safety, natural gas safety, STEM disciplines and emergency preparedness. All of our graphic novels can be personalized with your company’s specific learning points, and each copy delivered to schools is branded with your logo, plus a full back cover that is yours to customize with additional messaging. Or, if you want to go wild, we’ll create a graphic novel from the ground up, just for you.

To request graphic novel pricing, or learn more about NTC’s additional capabilities, contact us at [email protected].