NTC Australia

Our Mission

By connecting our clients with schools, and educating schools and their students with knowledge that empowers and inspires, NTC helps those students along with their parents to learn beneficial habits, create meaningful change and affect positive behaviour change.

Who is NTC?

We work on behalf of our clients, exclusively in the K-12 space throughout Australia, delivering lasting impact which translates to real value and measurable results.

NTC provides highly memorable, highly engaging educational programs that K-12 students understand, setting the stage for long-term learning for them and long-term results for our clients. NTC’s programs add immense value in fostering community outreach for our clients. With us, clients become more than an organisation and brand, and are instead seen as advocates in the community. The impact of our work is validated by independent studies and hundreds of favourable testimonials from clients, administrators, teachers and parents. We see a trickle-up effect from our programming in which students pass along beneficial behaviours and influence the participation of family decision-makers that make up our clients’ stakeholders. Our approach allows client messages to reach a wider audience and create a more immediate impact while cultivating community-wide goodwill.

Some NTC Australia partners and clients