NTC is a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador

When businesses band together to create community resilience, it enhances their public reputation and helps save lives in the case of an emergency. Studies have proven that emergency preparedness pays off in relation to recovery six to one.

That’s why the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) created the Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador program: a nationwide partnership of corporations, nonprofits and other organizations devoted to readying communities for extreme weather-related events. By working together, Weather-Ready Nation Ambassadors can improve communications, encourage greater awareness from the public and ensure that communities stay safe.

As an educational outreach company that has specialized in inspiring positive behavior change for over 40 years, NTC believes in the power of community readiness. Our emergency preparedness program Ready or Not helps organizations connect to students and their families through creative in-school campaigns.

By becoming a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, NTC ensures that our partnerships with organizations that care about emergency preparedness will be as effective as possible.

How do NOAA and NTC educate communities to be weather-ready? Why are in-school programs that engage students and their families in emergency preparedness especially valuable? And how can organizations like yours do their part to reach customers and citizens with memorable outreach campaigns?

Watch the interview above to find out, as Luca (aka “The Influencer”) speaks with Douglas Hilderbrand, NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Lead, about the need for emergency preparedness education in today’s communities.

Contact [email protected] to learn more about NTC’s Ready or Not program and other educational campaigns.