Livestream Events

NTC offers its programs via livestream. These e-learning events can deliver your messages to every student and teacher in every school in your local or national community. The livestream events are experienced in the classroom or at home with the use of a computer, tablet, interactive whiteboard or mobile device. These educational virtual assemblies integrate seamlessly with your branding, marketing, CSR, PR and community outreach initiatives. NTC’s livestream events align with all national education standards for science, math and language arts.

Each livestream event lasts for about 40 minutes. During the lesson, we present a series of pre-recorded educational theatre pieces, adapted from our live touring productions and created specifically for our new livestream events. Before and after each pre-recorded segment, the students are engaged with the live host who sets up, recaps and expands upon the educational information. The host will also take questions from the participating students live, in real time – whether they are tuning in from the classroom or their home. The live hosts have access to photos, charts, and additional footage that support the educational content.

NTC will incorporate your key educational concepts throughout the livestream program, as well as through the supplemental digital materials provided for kindergarten through 12th grade teachers and students. Deliverables will include standards-based information on not only the educational topics, but also on practical habits that teachers, students and their families can adopt to improve their behavior related to these issues. All livestream events are branded to partnering organizations and contain information specific to their service area.


  • Digital livestream events with a live host and pre-recorded educational theatre scenes with educational messages that are important to your organization.
  • Customized and branded digital educational content that supports the livestream event. The customized content includes toolkits for teachers and students on branded landing pages with hands-on lessons, interactive games and activities to maximize student engagement, e-books, graphic novel flip books and supplemental materials related to the program. There are also links to your own websites and additional resources that align with national and local educational standards.
  • Educator instructions that explains the program, prepares the classroom, and offers curriculum enriching exercises as well as teacher training videos that detail best practices for setting up and utilizing the livestream program.
  • Smart speaker activities in both Amazon and Google formats available to your customers in their homes.
  • Program evaluation and schedule reporting which includes evaluations from teachers about the livestream events’ success in communicating your messages. NTC also provides weekly schedules on each livestream status. All metrics are provided in a final report at the end of the season.


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