NTC Case Study: How to Think Outside the (Locked) Box

A lot of organizations try to engage the schools in their communities, and there are many unique ideas out there for making an impact with community outreach. This has been NTC’s specialty for more than 40 years. We help companies like yours create customized programming that teaches K-12 students about important societal issues while promoting positive awareness of your brand. NTC guarantees your company access to the schools in your area through our sponsor-branded educational programs.

Our latest educational tool that allows that kind of access is the NTC Power Play Game™. It’s an escape room game for the classroom that challenges students through problem solving and critical thinking activities. A series of puzzles must be solved in order to unlock the Power Play box and win the game. These activities are custom-designed to create excitement around the subjects that are most important you and your customers. We invite you to learn more by checking out our case study. You can also experience our newest Power Play game, Ready or Not, at ntcplayworks.com/ready-or-not-powerplay/.

Educational programs in K-12 schools, sponsored by organizations like yours, serve several purposes. Sponsorship allows you to:

  1. Present your organization as a thought leader that cares about community outreach
  2. Reach beyond the school to the parents at home through take-home materials
  3. Build positive awareness of your brand in the community
  4. Boost your PR efforts by pairing corporate social responsibility with content marketing
  5. Teach skills and information related to societal issues that are important to your company

The best school outreach programs align with state and national educational standards and provide opportunities that students and teachers might not otherwise have the chance to experience. NTC set out to develop a hands-on educational game that would extend learning from our live, in-school presentations to the classroom. Power Play is available as a stand-alone offering or as a classroom package that includes educational graphic novels, which establish an engaging story behind the game. Topics we cover include energy efficiency, financial literacy, emergency preparedness, electrical and natural gas safety, health and wellness, STEM-related subjects and more.

For 40 years, NTC has been a premium provider of educational content for K-12 schools throughout the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Our programs are rooted in the idea that engaging kids on an emotional level influences long-term, positive behaviors that can be spread through entire families and communities. For more information on NTC’s programs and capabilities, contact us at [email protected].