Bill Turner

Bill maintains and develops for NTC’s Web and IT infrastructure. This includes several websites, an online scheduling system that integrates with NTC’s and a live calendar on which sponsors can view their performance schedule.

Before becoming completely immersed in the world of computers and the web, Bill wore a few different organizational hats. Among his previous roles: Director of Production, General Manager, Technical Director and even Touring Actor – all at NTC. With a good feel for how it all fits together, Bill works hard to develop and maintain the systems that keep the digital world of NTC spinning.

When he isn’t huddled over a laptop keyboard, Bill is sometimes huddled over a piano keyboard playing old-time music with his band, Shotgun Johnson and the Mississippi Seven. He also enjoys the occasional video game. But what he likes best is spending time with his wife, Krista, and their three black and tan dachshunds.