Jon Taylor

Jon Taylor is a triple threat: actor, writer, director. He filled all three roles when he first appeared on NTC’s radar in 1992. Since then he has written NTC titles including The Energized Guyz, Boomerang Jack and The Unseen Green Machine and Lights On for Louie. He also served as head writer for the nationally syndicated TV sketch comedy show, [email protected] About™. Over the years, Jon has performed with various theatres in the Twin Cities. He has performed with Gaydar Productions, Shakespeare in the Park, Outward Spiral and the Minneapolis-based comedy troupe HOT DISH! In 2007, along with John Trones, he co-founded 8 Ball Theatre and produced and starred in 3Way as well as the 1940’s Radio Hour. Jon and John have also produced a number of concerts including Christmas in the City and Yesterday Once More. As Creative Director, he is responsible for the development of all NTC productions, script writing, written content, direction actors, audition assistant, managing teacher evaluations and surveys.