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Through live performances by professional actors, student playbooks and exercises, digital games and activities, in-class discussion, and homework assignments designed to engage parents, students will be armed with explicit information they can use to understand the STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math. Over the course of this campaign, students will receive a fundamental curriculum of facts and actions around STEM.

A typical elementary school program consists of the following deliverables:

Live, In-school Performance

Two professional actors tour throughout our client’s designated service territory, visiting two schools per day, with an average of two performances per school. The theatrical program lasts 25 minutes, delivering important messaging on the STEM disciplines through four main educational points. NTC is careful to align educational content with science standards at both the regional and national level, as this is an important aspect for educators.

Each performance involves a great deal of audience participation and information is presented in a linear storyline, easy for younger students to follow. Every student and teacher in each school engaged attends the live performance and receives the supplementary materials, detailed below. The overall performance is sponsor-branded with a client logo banner displayed on the set and a thank you from the performers at the beginning and end of each show.

Educator and Student Videos

Educator Preview Video

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Student Preview Video

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Post-performance Video

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Print materials arrive at each scheduled school approximately two weeks prior to the live performance. The supplemental materials include:

  • Student playbook (one per student)
  • Accompanying teacher guide (one per teacher)
  • Educational infographic posters for display
  • Student playbooks include classroom activities based on the subject matter, featuring characters the students saw in the live show. There are also homework assignments designed to engage parents in the home. 92% of teachers surveyed report that they send these playbooks home. Each playbook is branded with the sponsor’s logo on the front cover and the entire back cover is available for further messaging.

The teacher guide, also logo-branded, includes ideas for hands-on activities for use in the classroom and information on the program’s standards alignment. Full-color educational infographic posters are also provided, usually 20 to 30 per school, based on enrollment. Each sponsor-branded poster features key educational concepts and facts around the program topic, presented through text, graphic images and artwork.


NTC’s digital program assets include:

  • Digital games
  • Classroom activities for download
  • Educational e-books
  • Microsites and landing pages

Our sponsor-branded games are created through responsive web design with articulated age focused content. All games associated with a program are hosted on NTCplayworks.com. Additional activities and lessons are available for download as well.

For younger students, e-books are available that align with program content. These online read-along stories are interactive and can be accessed in the classroom and at home.

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STEM E-book

NTC’s websites and landing pages can be utilized as an educational extension of our program that impacts our sponsors’ customers at home and at school. Through a responsive web design approach, we develop assets that include customized games, classroom lessons, videos, animated pieces and contest/incentive sites when appropriate.