The Ever-elusive Millennial Customer

When you think of millennials, you often think of social media and the slightly stereotypical idea that millennials are glued to some kind of gadget, 24 hours a day. And of course, organizations big and small are wracking their brains, trying to figure out the best ways to reach and engage millennials. Hmm … Social Media. Gadgets. Millennials. Let’s talk about influencers.

The Past and Future of Marketing


Influencer Marketing has taken off in a big way, but it’s actually been around for a long, long time. Before social media became the behemoth it is now, this type of marketing was more often referred to as word-of-mouth. Customers would listen to the opinions of people they trusted and potentially make decisions based on those opinions. For more about influencer marketing, check out this guide to influencer marketing. To some, the term “influencer” may have a negative connotation. If you’ve seen either or both of the current documentaries about the doomed Fyre Festival of 2017, you know that some celebrity influencers have profited from their brand equity without necessarily taking responsibility for what they’re pushing out to followers. (If you’re not familiar with the Fyre Festival, do some Googling. It’s kind of mind-boggling!) But first, more about how you can take advantage of the positive side of this marketing strategy in your quest for attention from millennial customers.

Your Personal Influencers


The type of influencers who promote beauty products or phony music festivals aren’t suited for your organization’s needs. And although digital impressions are valuable, they are not as effective as personal, non-digital, face-to-face influencers. So don’t ask Alexa, the gadget. Don’t ask a supermodel with a ton of Instagram followers. And please don’t ask anyone who wants to sell you tickets to a music festival in the Bahamas – unless you WANT to sleep in a wet FEMA tent and live on cheese sandwiches for a weekend. Instead, consider engaging your millennial customers through the best, most trusted influencers they know – their children.

NTC, the Influencer Marketing Specialists


As it turns out, NTC has been working with influencers and providing influencer marketing strategies for our clients for over 40 years – we honestly just never thought to call it by those specific names. Our influencers are K-12 students. We engage schools with educational programming and teach kids important information about societal issues on behalf of our clients. We cover issues like energy efficiency, financial literacy, health and wellness, emergency preparedness skills and more. Through NTC programs, students are given the tools they need to head home and influence their parents to engage in a dialogue about these important topics. Because millennials are the parents to millions of K-12 students across the country, NTC engages that hard-to-engage demographic. So – how can your organization find influencers, empower them to speak on your behalf and track their impact? Contact NTC today to find out.