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How NTC Works

Who is NTC?

NTC provides memorable and engaging educational programs for K-12 students on behalf of our clients. The lessons we teach are valuable and applicable at every life stage. By delivering messages that appeal to the hearts and minds of children, we inspire new generations of mindful individuals. Long-term learning for the students we reach means long-term results for our clients.

For more than 40 years, NTC has been a premium resource effecting long-term behavior change. By inspiring K-12 students with educational outreach, we create a trickle-up effect in which students pass along beneficial behaviors and influence the participation of the family decision-makers that comprise our clients’ customer base.

Our approach to educational programming is not replicated by any other organization. By evolving and expanding our offerings to include innovative teaching formats, we take our clients far beyond traditional outreach programs to match any desired message or scope.

Our age-specific programs align with state and national educational standards for lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school and high school grade levels. In this way, we deliver important messaging on behalf of our clients that inspires students from a young age and prepares them (and their families) for successful futures.

NTC has established relationships with thousands of schools and millions of students, teachers and parents across the country. Reaching this audience can be difficult, and nurturing these relationships is a primary value we offer. At NTC, we remove barriers and make it easier for clients to connect with their community.

NTC’s Theory of Behavior Change

NTC's Theory of Change