Who is NTC?

Our Mission

By connecting clients with schools, schools with students, and students with knowledge that empowers and inspires, NTC helps students and parents learn beneficial habits and create meaningful change in their lives and communities.

Who is NTC?

NTC has established relationships with thousands of schools and millions of students, teachers and parents across the country. Enabling, developing and maintaining these relationships is a primary value we offer to our clients. Reaching this audience can be difficult. As professionals, we remove barriers and make it easier for clients to connect with their communities.

How NTC Works

NTC provides highly memorable, highly engaging educational programs that K-12 students understand, setting the stage for long-term learning for them and long-term results for our clients. The lessons we teach are valuable and applicable at every life stage. By molding these messages to appeal to the hearts and minds of children, we inspire and empower new generations of more responsible, more mindful individuals. By giving students an early start in learning and practicing beneficial behaviors, we are providing them with skill sets that set them on a trajectory for success.

NTC’s programs add immense value in fostering community outreach for our clients. With us, clients become more than brands and companies and are instead seen as advocates in the community. The impact of our work is validated by studies and hundreds of favorable testimonials from clients, administrators, teachers and parents. We see a trickle-up effect from our programming in which students pass along beneficial behaviors and influence the participation of family decision-makers that make up our clients’ customer base. Our approach allows client messages to reach a wider audience and create a more immediate impact while cultivating community-wide goodwill.

For more than 40 years, we have been a premium professional resource for clients, connecting them to schools around the country and effecting lasting behavioral change among students, families and communities. Our approach to educational programming is not replicated by any other organization and our reputation is unmatched. By constantly evolving and expanding our offerings to include innovative new formats and tools, we take our clients beyond traditional educational experiences, providing customizable solutions that are designed to match any message or scope.