Why theatre?

For over 40 years, NTC has developed and implemented community outreach programs on behalf of organizations like yours. NTC stands for The National Theatre for Children and we realized something about our name, early on. Despite our sterling reputation with schools, our proven track record of delivering effective programming, and the measurable results we produce that demonstrate exceptional ROI, we still get the same question: “Why theatre?” Just about every client we have ever had started out wondering how theatre could possibly benefit their organization and help them reach their customer engagement goals.

To put it in simple modern terms, it’s influencer marketing. Kids are incredible influencers when it comes to their parents. You can use NTC’s completely customized, totally branded in-school events and curriculum to teach kids about emergency and disaster preparedness, energy efficiency, safety, financial literacy, health and wellness, and STEM education and careers. Then, provide them with take-home materials and teaching tools that will engage their parents. Evaluations from educators show that NTC’s sponsor-branded materials go home 92% of the time. of all. And our programs are completely turnkey. NTC connects with the schools in your communities, we schedule the program, we deliver the curriculum and measure everything – and you get all the credit. So check out this quick video to learn more about NTC’s special brand of influencer marketing.