Electrification Nation Electrification Nation

Electrification Nation

Energy Efficiency

Electrification Nation is a live theatrical production that presents a hilarious, educational story about energy efficiency. By watching and participating in the show, students will learn about how electricity is generated, what clean energy and a carbon footprint are and what we all can do to help conserve energy

Show Synopsis

Evie Wander is super excited to be a contestant on the adventure racing show Electrification Nation. The contestants on the show have to travel around the country solving energy related riddles before they can advance to the next region.

Evie is given her first riddle by Host Malone, the emcee of Electrification Nation. Host Malone tells Evie she will be competing in the race against Ed Start. Evie and Ed went to school together and Evie knows that Ed will stop at nothing to win.

Evie finds herself at a hydroelectric dam and meets Renee Uable, a worker at the dam. Renee tells Evie all about renewable energy resources like the sun, the wind and moving water. Renee tells Evie that using renewable resources is great because they keep coming back again and again.

Evie then finds herself in the south and meets Decatur Creator. Decatur is a content creator and her videos have been seen by millions of people all around the world. Decatur knows a thing or two about resources and how we use them every day. Evie realizes that humans leave behind a carbon “footprint” every time they use carbon-based resources. Evie thanks Decatur for her time and sets off to face Ed.

Arriving in the west, Evie enlists the help of the audience to answer a few questions. With the help of students, Evie realizes if enough people do things to save energy like turning off lights and appliances, using cold water for washing and turning down the temperature on our furnaces, we can save energy.

Have Evie and her student helpers learned enough to defeat Ed Start and win the game show? Find out in Electrification Nation!

Students and teachers will also have access to an e-learning package that includes games, quizzes and lesson plans for the classroom to reinforce concepts from the show.

Educational Content

  • How electricity is generated
  • What clean energy is
  • What a carbon footprint is
  • What communities and families can do to conserve energy

Educational Standards

Find the related state standards here.

Educational Standards

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Materials Included

Student Handbook

Fun classroom and family activities that emphasize the Four Cs of 21st Century Education Skills. Co-curricular subjects include Math, Reading, Science, Language Arts, Spelling and Arts.

Online Teacher Toolkit

Includes educational standards, fun facts, expanded program information, student assessments and additional classroom activities and experiments.

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