Land of Smiles® presented by Delta Dental

Health and Wellness

Delta Dental’s Land of Smiles® program performed by NTC, is a free and engaging children’s educational program that teaches students in pre-kindergarten through third grade the importance of good oral health habits. Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease, and more than half of the nation’s third graders have had at least one cavity. To help combat the prevalence of tooth decay among students, “Land of Smiles” reaches thousands of children each year.

During the interactive in-person performance or online show, characters Captain Super Grin, Terri Tooth Fairy and Toothpick along with Caz Cavity explain good oral health care techniques, good and bad foods for the teeth, and why it is important to visit the dentist.

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Educational Content

  • Why teeth are important and how to take care of them
  • How to brush and floss teeth properly
  • Importance of eating healthy foods and visiting the dentist

Educational Standards

Find the related state and Next Generation Science Standards here.

Educational Standards

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Materials Included

Program Curriculum

Our oral health curriculum corresponds with the Land of Smiles® program and makes learning about oral health even more fun! Developed with input from teachers and school nurses, the curriculum provides lessons and activities to educate K-3 students about good oral health habits. The Land of Smiles® program curriculum adheres to National Health Education Standards, as well as Missouri and South Carolina health education standards.

Smile Bags

Schools are given the option to also request smile bags for each child that participates in the program. A “smile bag” is an envelope that contains an individual toothbrush, toothpaste and container of dental floss to help students practice the good oral health habits they learn from the virtual program. Smile bags will be shipped to the school only, not to residential addresses.

Access to

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