Ready or Not: Preparing for Wildfires

Emergency Preparedness

This 25-minute live in-school performance features two professional actors who play a variety of characters. Students learn about emergency preparedness with the help of Penelope Planner.

Penelope Planner is having a pretty good day. She’s about to visit her aunt, Dr. Ima Scientist. Dr. Scientist has a real emergency on her hands and needs Penelope’s help. It seems as though she’s created a disaster –literally. The disaster, Calamity Dwyane, came to life, wreaked havoc and escaped. It’s up to Penelope to learn all she can about how to be prepared for wildfires and find Calamity Dwayne so she can bring him back to the lab.

Penelope meets Calamity Dwayne, who explains what different disasters are and how they affect people. Before she can stop him, Calamity Dwayne runs off. Penelope goes after him.

Along the way, Penelope meets officer Iona Badge and firefighter Blaze Ashman. Iona tells her that one of the most important things a family can do in a wildfire or other emergency is to have a family communication plan. They can also create an emergency kit with food, water and important documents they may need.

Penelope has learned a lot about wildfires and has enough information to face Calamity Dwayne. With the help of a student volunteer, she confronts him with her plan. Together they tell Calamity Dwayne that they are prepared with a family communication plan and an emergency kit and they know the first responders in their neighborhood.

Have Penelope and the student volunteer learned enough about wildfires and other disasters to stop Calamity Dwayne? Find out in this hilarious and educational show!

Along with the in-school assembly, digital materials are provided to expand upon the educational content of the program.

Educational Content

  • The difference between a disaster, emergency and hazard
  • What a family emergency plan is
  • How wildfires start
  • Who to seek for help in an emergency

Educational Standards

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Educational Standards

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Materials Included

Family Preparedness Guide

Fun classroom and family activities that emphasize the Four Cs of 21st Century Education Skills. Co-curricular subjects include Math, Reading, Science, Language Arts, Spelling and Arts.

Student/Parent E-Book

Includes educational standards, fun facts, expanded program information, student assessments and additional classroom activities and experiments.

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