The Water Pirates: Boatload of Trouble

Water Conservation

The Water Pirates: Boatload of Trouble is performed by two professional actors who lead your students through an action-packed adventure, all while teaching about water conservation and pollution.

Students and teachers will also have access to an e-learning package that includes games, quizzes and lesson plans for the classroom to reinforce concepts from the show.

Show Synopsis
Its Swabby’s first day as a crew member on Captain Doorknob’s ship. The Captain is in a bad mood today because he wanted to throw water balloons, but all the water was gone from the ship. Since nobody else is around he assigns Swabby the task of finding out where it went. If Swabby fails, he will be forced to walk the plank.

First Swabby bumps into Morey Eel, host of the TV fishing show, “When You Fish Upon a Star.” Morey tells Swabby that water is precious because there’s so little fresh water in the world, and we need to protect it and keep it from being polluted. He also knows ways to dispose of hazardous chemicals without washing them down the drain. He’s very helpful until it’s time for his mid-morning hair styling, then it’s every pirate for himself.

Next Swabby meets TinkerFred. TinkerFred works for the Neverland Water Department, and is the uncle to the famous Tinkerbell. He tells Swabby that a lot of water is wasted when people take long showers or when they leave the faucet running as they brush their teeth. He informs Swabby of all the ways Swabby can conserve water both inside and outside his home, reminding him that, “Every Little Bit Helps.” Soon, Swabby has enough knowledge to confront the Captain.

Finally Captain Doorknob returns to check on Swabby’s progress. A nervous Swabby enlists the help of the audience to tell the captain all the ways they’ve learned to conserve water. The Captain remains unconvinced until the audience shouts “Every Little Bit Helps!” Before long, Captain Doorknob relents and rewards Swabby with a promotion. Together they vow to conserve water on the ship, and encourage all their crew mates to do the same.

Educational Content

  • What a drought is
  • The uses and importance of water
  • Ways to conserve water
  • Ways water gets polluted

Educational Standards

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Educational Standards

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