Your Planet, Your Future

Environmental Stewardship

This 30-minute show presents an online video lesson in energy efficiency for grades 9-12. Our video host will introduce entertaining improv sketches featuring a variety of characters in professionally filmed scenes from our live theatrical productions – and guide classrooms to participate in a discussion on resources and energy conservation:

Scene 1: While trying to get some work done, Noah is pestered by co-worker Lester Blank, who has something to say about all the ways Noah is wasting electricity around the office. He expounds on all the ways that can affect the planet. Things get more and more surreal as Lester continues his relentless pursuit of reducing Noah’s carbon footprint.

Scene 2: Two new astronaut recruits, Sally and Yuri, are excited to arrive at NASA to begin their training. However, shortly after meeting Darren, whom they assume to be their trainer, they begin to notice that there is something strange about Space Camp. Darren reveals that they have actually been diverted to NASSA – the Nebraska All-Senior Science Alliance – and that Sally and Yuri have been recruited into his senior class project on climate change.

Scene 3: Gary, a young father, has come to his local power company to apply for a job, with his recent high school graduate son Randy in tow. While being interviewed by the utility rep, the father is visited by Kilowatt Kitty, a magical cat puppet on a cloud that only he can see. As dad becomes more and more freaked out by the apparent apparition, the utility rep becomes more and more interested in hiring … Randy.

Students and teachers will also have access an exclusive e-learning package that includes games, quizzes and lesson plans for the classroom that reinforce concepts from the show. Additionally, the program challenges your students (and staff) to save energy at home by providing Energy Kits that contain items to conserve electricity and water.

Educational Content

  • How small changes in energy use can make a big difference
  • The effects of energy use on our planet
  • Ways to reduce your carbon footprint
  • The results of climate change and the need for community resilience
  • The importance of STEM education and the future of green careers

Educational Standards

Find the related state standards here.

Educational Standards

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Materials Included


My Energy Kit program

Students’ families and educators can request free Energy Kits to save energy at home through LED lightbulbs, faucet aerators and other energy-saving measures.

Student Handbook

Fun classroom and family activities that emphasize the Four Cs of 21st Century Education Skills. Co-curricular subjects include Math, Reading, Science, Language Arts, Spelling and Arts.

Online Teacher Toolkit

Includes educational standards, fun facts, expanded program information, student assessments and additional classroom activities and experiments.

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