Check Out Our Live-Action Infographic on Educational Standards

Did you know that NTC has many creative educational resources beyond the K-12 programs that come to your school? Our innovative online games and activities, graphic novels, and original videos embrace the same approach as our in-school performances: to entertain, educate and inspire through humor and storytelling.

Take our original video productions, several of which have won Telly Awards, which honor excellence in television and video. NTC’s videos are produced in-house and include educational pieces for classroom and/or home learning, professional development for educators, and work originally created for our nationally syndicated television show, [email protected] (some of which can be seen here).

One of our latest videos features unique animation, a bold visual style and an Oscar-worthy performance from a pair of disembodied hands to teach about how we incorporate educational standards into our in-school programs. Watch this live-action infographic to see how NTC ensures that our programs are an informative and valuable use of your class time.

How well do you think NTC’s in-school programs adopt national education standards to educate students? What other kinds of creative educational resources would you like to have available for your classroom? Post your comments and suggestions in the box below.