NTC Wants to Thank Teachers for a Fantastic Year

It’s mid-May and yet another school year is coming to a close. Over the last nine months, the average schoolteacher has worked 10 hours and 40 minutes a day on average, amounting to about 53 hours per week! This includes an average of 90 minutes a day spent working at home after class time, not to mention a yearly average of $500 spent out of pocket by teachers on class supplies. Despite this, 89% of teachers reported they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their job. It all adds up to a profession of highly committed and hardworking people devoted to inspiring future generations.

So thank you to all you teachers out there who have once again worked wonders during the 2017-18 school year!

As the school year winds down and NTC’s last troupes come off the road, we would like to reflect on what we’ve been able to achieve with your help. Once again, we’ve had the thrill of educating and entertaining students throughout the country on a variety of subjects, visiting more schools than we ever have before. With a few weeks still left to go on our remaining tours, we’ve crunched the numbers for the 2017-18 school year:

  • 1,056,430: The number of students that enjoyed an NTC performance this year! This is well beyond our student total of 889,811 from the 2016-17 school year. Judging from responses during shows and many wonderful thank-you notes we received after performances, K-12 students enjoyed learning about everything from electrical safety to financial literacy.
  • 56,039: The number of teachers that have attended an NTC performance this year. Teacher feedback was overwhelmingly positive, including an elementary school teacher in Virginia Beach who said that the day of an NTC performance is “easily one of my favorite school days!” A huge thank you to all of the educators that give NTC an opportunity to perform at your school!
  • 3,289: The number of schools our actors visited in 2017-18. This outnumbers last year’s school total of 2,609, and that number is expected to rise next year as well.
  • 27: The number of clients we partnered with in the 2017-18 school year. Our sponsors range from large corporations who are committed to educating communities about safety and energy efficiency, to water providers in small municipalities dedicated to conservation, to government organizations that strive to teach their populations about financial literacy. We’d like to thank all of our partners – without their support, NTC wouldn’t be able to bring dynamic educational programs to your schools free of charge.
  • 22: The number of states we visited in 2017-18. We brought intergalactic space agents to California, treasure-hunting pirates to Virginia, energy-efficient circus ringleaders to Minnesota and much more.
  • 6.55 out of 7: Average rating of all programs’ overall educational value, based on all teacher evaluations received throughout the 2017-18 school year. That’s 7,534 evaluations of 17 different shows, which average a very high assessment of the programs’ educational benefits to classrooms and students. Thanks again to all educators who responded with program evaluations and suggestions for how to continually improve our educational offerings.

As the end of the current school year approaches, we reflect on the last nine months and look forward to the upcoming fall, when an entirely new slate of tours hits the road. If you received an NTC program this year, what was your favorite moment from the show? What kind of suggestions or feedback would you offer? As always, feel free to leave comments below. And if you’d like to schedule a show for fall 2018, click here to see if we have any tours visiting your area.

Thanks again for your help in making 2017-18 a memorable and inspiring school year!

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