History’s ARTifacts

Thank you for checking out History’s ARTifacts. Here is a sneak preview of our new, free educational series, which will bring standards-aligned creative content into your classroom throughout the 2018-19 school year. Watch for your email on September 6th that will take you to the first installment of the series – a look back at the voyage of the Mayflower, which set sail for America on September 6, 1620. In the meantime, enjoy this sneak preview of History’s ARTifacts!

6 Responses

  1. Stephen W. Hawk says:

    This sounds great! Can’t wait for my email next Thursday.

  2. Deb Calabria says:

    What is the appropriate age for these programs? I teach 1st grade and my kids are 6-7 years old. Which, if any, of these would work for them?

    • NTC says:

      We are leaving it up to the teacher to decide whether or not the materials are appropriate for their class since every student/class is different. Our estimation was that around 3rd/4th would be the low end, but my suggestion would be that you watch it and see what you think. The educational video might be a little over their heads, but it is short with a lot of visuals, so it might be absolutely fine. Thanks for your question!

  3. Matthew Buckingham says:

    You sent me an email with the first video, but now I can not find that email. Can / will the videos be stored on a central location website too? What email address was the video sent from?

    • NTC says:

      You can find all the videos at NTCartifacts.com and the emails are sent from The National Theatre for Children. Don’t forget to check out the September video, The Mayflower Sets Sail!