How School Communications at NTC Communicates with Schools

The National Theatre for Children is now celebrating its 40th year! The reason that we’ve been able to provide educational experiences to schools at no cost for so long is because NTC believes in making a difference in the lives of students. One of the most valuable tools to accomplish this is communication, which leads to understanding, mutual valuing and a sense of community. At NTC, the communication with you – the educators – starts with our School Communications department. As ambassadors to schools, we work to build relationships and establish trust in the content we provide. We communicate with you in various ways because, in our experience, every school and every educator communicates in different ways.

The first (and probably most important) method of communication is an actual voice-to-voice phone conversation. This allows us to have an immediate exchange of ideas in real-time. We can actively listen and address questions that an educator may have about hosting an in-school program. Though, at times, seemingly outdated, phone conversations are our preferred method of communication. We want to be there for you to grow our relationship with your school.

Another way that we reach educators is through written and visual communication. Through email, our website and social media, NTC can display the most relevant information about our shows using the written word, pictures, graphics and video. We also have online scheduling and confirmation systems so that educators can book a show as conveniently as possible.

While technology has advanced communication greatly, NTC still uses the old-fashioned method of physical, printed materials to reach educators. Sometimes just holding a piece of paper in your hands and reading it is the best way to comprehend information. NTC utilizes unique character drawings, vivid colors and creative descriptions to make this information more interesting, and to match the excitement experienced with watching one of our shows.

Classroom Activity

Ask your students about how they communicate throughout the day with their friends, families and teachers. Once this conversation has taken place, encourage them to create their own communications.

Elementary School Students: Write a professional letter. A professional letter allows someone to convey information and communicate with someone they aren’t normally able to, such as our leaders in government or businesses like NTC.

  • Write a letter to a friend letting them know you appreciate them and the reasons why.
  • Write a letter to NTC, letting us know what you think of our shows. You can write about how you liked the jokes, the characters, the message – anything that you remember about the show.

Middle School Students: Compose a tweet. Use the “@” symbol to mention specific people, our handle is @NTCtours. Use the “#” symbol to group your tweet into a trending topic. A limited number of characters means you have to be concise with your thoughts.

  • Create a tweet and @ mention your teacher, thanking them for something cool you learned today.
  • Write a review of our show that came to your school. You can tweet about the funniest part, or what you learned and didn’t know before the show. Mention @NTCtours or use #NTCtours so that NTC can see what you think.