Summer at NTC

If NTC’s educational theatrical programs take place within the school year, does NTC take the summer off?

The short answer is no. Even though we do not have any tours on the road in the summer, NTC continues to develop, write and produce programs for the next year. New scripts are written, costumes sewn and educational materials developed in anticipation of the over 75 tours we will produce in the upcoming year.

Summer is an exciting time at NTC because it gives us a chance to refresh and renew programs that we have toured before, as well as an opportunity to come up with completely new ideas that allow us to entertain and educate students and teachers across the United States.

So, what are we working on for next year? Here is a sneak peek at what’s coming up:

New E-books
These interactive digital books were such a hit with students and teachers last year that we’re adding five new titles in the coming months. The titles include:

  • Kilowatt Kitchen (Energy Efficiency)
  • Once Upon a Flame (Natural Gas Safety and Conservation)
  • Safety Circus (Electrical Safety)
  • Water Pirates: Run Aground (Water Conservation)
  • Showdown at Cash Canyon (Financial Literacy)

Online Teacher Toolkit
During the 2018-19 school year, we will be introducing our Online Teacher Toolkit. Teachers will easily be able to find lesson plans, activities and expanded information all related to our live programs.

Power Play Classroom Breakout Experience
We are testing a new concept for some of our programs. Taking the popular “locked or escape room” concept and conducting the breakout experience in the classroom after watching a live NTC presentation. These types of activities will extend the learning of our programs and allow teachers to continue to use them throughout the year by customizing them to meet their various educational objectives.

What’s Your Goal? High School Program
The What’s Your Goal? High School Program will work with existing green teams in high schools to assist them in their goal of making their school communities and the world a more sustainable place to live. Kicking off with a live performance, the program extends throughout the semester to allow students the opportunity to make their voices heard and facilitate a reduction in energy use in their schools, homes and communities.

We’re very excited about these new offerings and many more. Stay tuned for more information as we gear up for an amazing school year. Have a great summer!