The NTC Casting Process

At The National Theatre for Children, we work with a lot of actors. Each troupe that goes on the road to perform shows consists of two actors. Over the course of the school year, we’ll work with nearly 70 troupes, which means hiring 140 actors!

So where does one find over 100 talented actors who love to teach and make students laugh?

Each year, we attend auditions, festivals, conferences and even hold our own auditions all around the country. At these events, we’ll watch actors perform monologues from plays, sing songs from musicals and read short scenes from NTC plays. Think of your favorite talent reality show. It’s a bit like that but without the buzzers, spectacle or the negative comments from a condescending British judge. In this manner, NTC will meet almost 1,000 actors over the course of a year. From there, it’s all about narrowing down that talent pool to the 140 actors that will eventually work and tour for us.

And every single one of those performers must be a top-notch professional individual. We look for actors who can play unique characters that engage the audience with strong physical and vocal choices. We want performers that can deliver that unique NTC blend of comedy and education that make our shows come alive. NTC actors are more than just comedians or performers; they’re also educators. We hire confident, articulate actors who can take the stage, command audiences of up to 350 students and present information in an engaging way.

Teachers, you can invite your students to try their hand at the casting process by taking a favorite story and having your students audition for various parts. Or use the characters from an NTC show and cast them in a story you create. Challenge your class to cast these goofy characters in your favorite play, fairy tale or movie.

And if you’d like to find out if our actors are bringing a show to your area, please go to and enter your zip code.

Happy casting; and perhaps we’ll see you at the next audition!