What Is Corporate Social Responsibility?

NTC’s in-school theatre programs are available to schools like yours free of charge thanks to companies and organizations who decide to sponsor K-12 educational outreach on important life skills such as energy efficiency, electrical safety, health and wellness, STEM learning, financial literacy and more. But why do such corporations invest money into providing free educational programs? It all goes back to one of the primary trends in 21st-century business: corporate social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a broad term used to describe a company’s efforts to improve environmental and social well-being. While the practice is not mandated in the United States, the majority of American corporations now devote a great deal of time and effort to bettering their local and global communities. Many companies across various industries have realized that K-12 educational programs are an especially effective way to make a difference in the community and improve their image in the public eye. Major corporations have provided funding for initiatives in STEM, finance, health and countless other subjects. They are building for the future by inspiring students as well as parents and teachers.

Recently, Inside Philanthropy published lists of the best American companies providing educational programs and grants to the K-12 community. In addition, check out this Investopedia article for an in-depth history and exploration of corporate social responsibility. The website Double the Donation also provides revealing statistics regarding CSR today.

Do you know of any companies that are making a difference in your school and community? What do you think other corporations and organizations in your area could do to support K-12 education? As always, leave your thoughts and comments below.